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Photographer: Unknown
Date: 1956

Alice no País dos Horrores. Uma linha de montagem com coelhos brancos a servirem de cobaias a um teste de Pyrogen, num centro químico de pesquisas, em 1956. O teste tinha como objectivo determinar se a droga seria adequada para humanos. Poucos se preocuparam se seria adequada para coelhos.
Alice in Horrorland. A line of white rabbits undergoing a Pyrogen test at a chemical research centre, 1956. The test was to determine the drug's suitability for humans. Few worried about its suitability for rabbits.

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Anónimo disse...

Yes ever seen that and the screaming of the rabbits was terrible , after that was more looking for things what was not tested this way. but it is a reel good photo. Thijs