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Photographer: Unknown
Date: 1973

Santiago do Chile, Setembro 73: Augusto Pinochet toma o poder pela força, dando início a uma era de terror.
Santiago do Chile, September 73: August Pinochet gets the power by force, beginning a terror era.

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wiskerke disse...

The photographer was Chas Gerretsen.
Usually known as the still photographer for the movie Apocalypse Now.
Born in Groningen, The Netherlands in 1943. He died last december.
He got the Robert Capa Gold Medal Award for this picture of Augusto Pinochet, taken at a church mass, sept 19th 1973, one week after the coup. Chas never made much money from this photo: The Chilean newspaper Epoca considered it public domain and gave it to Time magazine. It was used extensively both by the right and the left. Also numerous posters and photomontages have been produced from it.
The picture is available for lease from the dutch Museum for photography, Nederlands Fotomuseum:

regards, wim