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Photographer: Chas Gerretsen
Date: 1973

Santiago do Chile, 11 de Setembro de 1973: Após deixar o palácio de La Moneda, o presidente Salvador Allende foi morto pouco depois desta fotografia ter sido tirada. Com a sua morte a democracia tinha chegado ao fim no Chile.
Santiago do Chile, 1973, September 11: After leaving La Moneda's palace, president Salvador Allende was killed soon after this picture was taken. With his death democracy came to an end in Chile.

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Lazar disse...

A very, very powerful picture...

The street on which I live in in Macedonia is called "Salvadot Aliende" ..

Thanks for the photo..

Anónimo disse...

Allende was not killed, but commited suicide. He believed that he'd rather die than be taken by force out of the building where the people had put him. And democracy is thankfully back in Chile since 1990.

mocho disse...

terrible, despues de 30 años
latinoamerica sigue igual , igual.

Anónimo disse...

Picture above is truly very powerful. I have bought that same picture while I was visiting Chile few years ago. Picture tells more than thousand words..


Marisol Garcia disse...

The author of this picture remained anonymous for years. His name was revealed only in 2006, after his death. Amazing, considering how famous this photo became and how much he could have gotten for copyright. I'm a Chilean journalist so you can trust the source! Great blog.

Anónimo disse...

Marisol, read again the news report you are talking about. The supposed photographer NEVER said he took those pictures. Also, there's not a single shred of solid-real proof in it. It is all based on speculation and very shaky circumstantial evidence. That person took those pictures only in the imagination of the journalist who wrote the story. President Salvador Allende had at that time a group of 5 personal photographers (Lagos, Hidalgo, Pueller, Vargas, and Amado) of whom the person in question was the boss. One of them took those pictures but it wasn't Mr. Lagos. Don't be so naive trusting every written thing you read, least of all things without real proof. "El papel aguanta todo". And, I know for certain what I'm talking about.

Anónimo disse...

This famous photo, winner of the prestigious World Press Photo 1973 award, was taken by Chilean Air Force NCO Leopoldo Víctor Vargas.
See the complete story at:
Also at the prestigious Mexican magazine Proceso: