domingo, maio 14, 2006


Photographer: Jan Olofsson
Date: 1960's

Quando Mary Quant abriu a primeira loja, Bazaar, em King's Road, provocou uma explosão no mundo da moda, transformando a famosa rua num íman para os visitantes - no caso um grupo sueco feminino chamado Nurserey Rhymes.
When Mary Quant opened the first boutique, Bazaar, in the King's Road, it led to an explosion of fashion which made the famous street a magnet for visitors - such as the Swedish all-girl pop group, Nursery Rhymes.

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Anónimo disse...

So many historic photo's, so little time to comment on them all. I'll settle for this one as my fave cos I love the 60's girl look, and cos I used to troll up and down this road looking for an easy pull! - in my best 60's fashion get-up, of course. Never scored ;O( . I love this photo. Thanks for posting it, and all the others too! - Les in London.